Village Networks

Starting with Boston's Beacon Hill Village eight years ago, this model is now spreading around the world; scroll down to see a directory.

These are member-based neighborhood networks that help people stay in their homes as they age, by making where they live into aging-friendly communities, overlaying services and community.

In the "Beacon Hill Village Model," people (typically 50+) in a particular area band together to form a nonprofit organization providing "concierge services," one-stop shopping for transportation, home-care, house maintenance, medical, and care-management services.

Typical membership fees are $500 to $1000 per person or household per year, with mature villages offering reduced-fee subsidized memberships for people who can't afford the full fees.

Memberships include basic transportation for shopping and excursions, and regular social events, but additional trips and other services are usually offered on a fee-for-service basis, with membership discounts. They publish newsletters, host parties, and help people get to know each other better and form "affinity groups" with shared interests.

Network operators screen service providers, using their leveraged group-buying power to get quality service with member discounts.

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