Awakening the Sage Within - in Community

Aging Successful Workshop

Sage-ing is a model for engaging more
deliberately, more joyfully and more
compassionately as we grow older.
Together we will create a warm and
safe space to share experiences and
thoughts on some of the following
topics, based on the ground-breaking
  • Exploring what it means to age
  • Reframing disempowering beliefs
  • Creating balance and self-care
  • Understanding the importance of life review and forgiveness
  • Harvesting wisdom from life experiences
  • Facing one’s mortality
  • Preparing to leave a non-material legacy
  • Considering the role of elders in service to the family and community
  • Learning about available resources for continuing the sage-ing journey.

A free interactive workshop presented by Raines Cohen, Intern in the Certified Sage-ing Leader program with Sage-ing International.

Lots of small-group conversations with prompts and materials to help.

In three 2.5-hour sessions (with breaks), starting Thursday, August 25th at 3:30 PM, and then on Friday afternoon and Saturday at the same time.

Normally $100 or more, this is free to a limited audience so I can can complete my CSL internship.

August 27, 2020 at 3:30pm - 6pm
From your home virtually via Zoom
Raines Cohen · · (510) 842-6224
Christopher Philipp Susan Runyan Jon Ingenthron Cecilia Lam Lori Hines John Kelly

Will you come?