Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgages let seniors continue to live in their homes by providing them with an income based on equity in their home.


Reverse Mortgages let seniors continue to live in their homes by providing them with an income based on equity in their home.

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Here's some of what people signing the petition have said about why they support allowing Reverse Mortgages:


Seems to make common sense and better alternative for home owner to stay in their home rather than forced to sell, pay high rents and deplete an elderly of her savings even faster - which would then make her a government liability to support.

Tami Kurtz NEW YORK, NY 

She is living peacefully, resourcefully and responsibly and should be allowed to access a reverse mortgage.

Teri Darrell SUNNYVALE, CA 

FHA you know this is wrong. It should not matter if they share a laundry room or any other resources. Let the elderly live peacefully in their homes. They are on limited incomes. Give her a reverse mortgage.

Bonnie Sundance NEDERLAND, CO 

Alice and her neighbors are living as many elders need to live, in community. Co housing condominiums need to be legally treated as any other and given full support of reverse mortgage laws. I support you Carol Galante and HUD in creating the regulations which will support this kind of living community and Alice, who needs and deserves to stay in her home.


Any one of us could find ourselves in this situation. Relief should be available to all regardless of any shared facilities on the condo property.


I am horrified this is happening. It doesn't make sense to refuse a Lady of this age knowing it will make her homeless. Her home is paid free and clear, she has paid her dues to the government....Is it really too much to ask she be allowed to stay in her own home through a reverse mortgage ??

Pamela Oliveras (Serving Abroad) 

To not give this woman a reverse mortgage is inhumane and just wrong...

Cynthia Whitmire TEMPLE HILLS, MD 

If she had a mortgage then she should be allowed to live with dignity by using her asset to take care of her.

Claudia Revelo FONTANA, CA 

Many people are even offered to have a reverse mortgage, some of them haven't even finished paying the original mortgage completely. How is it that a lady who paid her house COMPLETELY and under 20 years can't be offered a reverse mortgage? This should not happen in this country! We should take care of our people, specially our seniors!

Marguerite Karner HASKELL, NJ

I, too, am approaching that age, and live alone, supporting myself, in a home I raised children in, and have dutifully paid a mortgage on, as long as I can remember. How terrible the thought that it can easily be torn from my grasp for any number of reasons. Yes, it seems only fair that a reverse mortgage be an option!

Robert Barrett GUERNEVILLE, CA 

Because people who choose communal living deserve the same rights as individual owners. You should not be punished for living the way you choose.

Colin Thomson RICHMOND, CA 

In a world where housing challenges have never been greater, we need to keep an open mind about how people create their own homes and communities. That should be reflected in housing regulations. Please allow my nearly-neighbor Alice to get the reverse mortgage she needs.


There needs to be more options for the aging in this country when it comes to keeping a roof over their head.

polly rose SAN FRANCISCO, CA 

I, too am 72. Though I currently would qualify for a reverse mortgage, one never knows where life takes one. I think reverse mtg rules need to be modified to include a broader spectrum of housing situations.

Terisa Brookshire ALTADENA, CA 

Who wouldn't support this. It is a crime what big businesses do to the common folk. What is the harm to anyone by letting her keep her home.

Vicki Rose SAN DIEGO, CA 

All condos should be classified equally....and she owns hers already!


This cohousing is a condominium legally. If I understand correctly, condominiums can have reverse mortgages. Alice should be able to get one.

Ada Golden GOLD RUN, CA 

I can't understand why the government doesn't help people who are trying to take care of themselves and not be a drain on our society. Help her stay in her home.

Donna Huffmaster, INDIANA 

I am so tired of double standards, complicated red tape and ridiculous rules that put our seniors at risk. We should do everything we can to make sure people remain independent -the government needs to stop treating people like numbers - ood luck Alice - 

Debra Bosch ZEELAND, MI 

There is no good reason for anybody to loose their home because someone does not want to work with someone. Alice should be allowed to get reverse mortgage.

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