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  • Heroic Futures

    A compelling mystery was solved as I attended a three evening talk, Heroic Futures, by futurist Alex Steffen, a TED Fellow who co-created the WorldChanging movement and book. As all of us more fully realize climate change, reversing it depends on all of us changing. The speaker gave us a way to realize hope: co-creating a culture of innovation as the Harlem Renaissance and Paris of the 1920’s did. It is developed by stories.


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    Yes, keep me informed. I want to join the conversation, learn together, join you on the mapping expedition, explore the territory, and build new bridges.

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Alice Green
Alice Green 191sc
My name is Alice Green and I'm 79 years old. For more than 20 years, I've lived in a wonderful cohousing condominium community in Berkeley, California.
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