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Here's some of the coolest (in Alice's humble opinion) comments people signing the petition have made about why they support sustainable Aging in Community.

Here's some of the coolest (in Alice's humble opinion) comments people signing the petition have made about why they support sustainable Aging in Community:




Seniors need help and deserve it

Teri Darrell SUNNYVALE, CA 

FHA you know this is wrong. It should not matter if they share a laundry room or any other resources. Let the elderly live peacefully in their homes. They are on limited incomes. Give her a reverse mortgage.

Jeremy Watkins COVINA, CA 

Why would any person or persons be punished for 1) living resourcefully within their means; 2) communally with one another without disturbing the peace? Furthermore, why would such a community be treated less than equal as other communities which exemplify the process of competition and excessive debt? Because such acts, I posit, are not desirable in a system that promotes excess and rogue competitiveness as virtuous and "free."

To my government, I implore you, I challenge you to prove me wrong by rewarding such virtuous behavior by your own ethical means.

Allison Smith CARLSBAD, NM 

Seniors who live in these kinds of communities will live healthier lives and probably won't need assisted living as they age, due to their bond with their neighbors. This would reduce the burden on Medicare.


Heres someone that has worked hard her whole life. Now in the years she is suppose to be relaxing and enjoying life, The state feels the need to tax her beyond her means. What if this is me someday?

James Locke IRVINE, CA 

This is such a simple solution to keeping our elderly in their homes, and out of danger, it doesn't make sense to ignore the opportunity here.

Kristie Wozab SALT LAKE CITY, UT

Today's ever increasing population of welfare recipients and dependent individuals on certain charities. These individuals are making a living together without relying on the welfare system and they make a simple living by working together. It is not something that should be punished by the state with excessive taxing which could potentially leave this woman homeless. These types of living arrangements should not be inadvertently made an example of and such restrictions show a complete lack of compassion for the elderly who struggle to make ends meet after a lifetime of paying their dues. I'm sure that those who are in a position to offer this type of mortgage will not suffer irreparable harm by approving this woman's application, but denying her this type of financial remedy would permanently effect her ability to provide for herself.

John Neville MIDDLETOWN, CT 

For heavens sake, give Alice a break, and one for others in her situation. You give millions to farmers worth millions, with no expectation of anything in return. In Carol's case, you get the condominium eventually.

Kathy Barrett OMAHA, NE 

I also live in a condo and have to worry about lay offs and all the rest of life's events that government rules can toss up brick walls to climb just to live. It's ridculous. It's just a rule. Change it.

Trista Huerta PLACENTIA, CA 

Someone trying to live economically and conservatively should not be penalized by the federal government. Actually, this type of community should be applauded and encouraged not discriminated against.

Maxina Ventura SAN LEANDRO, CA 

Community is the key to people living well throughout life. Alice has paid for her condo and needs access to the money others are able to access in condos where people share nothing in daily life. There is no sane reason Alice should be made to move; the equity she built up over years should be made available to her.


Help keep seniors in their homes. It's healthier and cheaper.

Jerry Halsey LYONS, CO 

Why put such needless obstacles in the way of people. If she loses  home, then what? She's figured out a way to maintain her home and her dignity. Work with her.

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