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Alice lives super-efficiently, biking everywhere, buying locally at Farmer's Markets, and has gotten awards for low utility use and efficient transportation. She has served on the Northern California Recycling Association (NCRA) board and works for a Berkeley salvage company that brings new lives to old stuff.


Here's some of what people signing the petition have said about why they support living in greener, more sustainable ways:


Stephani Roberts WAYLAND, MA 

This is a disgrace. This woman should share the same rights as any other home owner. She paid for her space but made a conscious choice to be mindful of her resources, that's not something she should be penalized for. She should be applauded.

Judith Castiano PEORIA, AZ 

Exception CAN ALWAYS BE MADE! For heaven's sake, how on earth can throwing Alice Green out on the street be justified??? She isn't trying to scam anybody, she just wants to live her simple, INEXPENSIVE LIFE with the people she considers her family. It is UNBELIEVABLE how RIGID some institutions can be when so little is being asked of them! LET ALICE HAVE HER REVERSE MORTGAGE, IT'S NOT GOING TO KILL YOU!!!

Carrie Zivetz SHERMAN OAKS, CA 

We should be rewarding those who are less of a drain on society, not penalizing them!!


Sounds like this woman has done everything right. She shouldn't lose her home and positive living situation due to bureaucratic rigamarole!

James Pallotta REDDING, CA 

Alice Green is a prime example of how someone can live with little income and still live a decent life. The fact that she lives resourcefully should be rewarded, not discriminated against. Would HUD rather she be homeless? I believe this is a huge mistake by HUD and should be immediately addresses and fixed.

Trista Huerta PLACENTIA, CA 

Someone trying to live economically and conservatively should not be penalized by the federal government. Actually, this type of community should be applauded and encouraged not discriminated against.

Jerry Halsey LYONS, CO

Why put such needless obstacles in the way of people. If she loses her home, then what? She's figured out a way to maintain her home and her dignity. Work with her.

Anne Young PALO ALTO, CA 

Alice is taking all the right steps to live simply and in a "local" way she is to be commended for her progressiveness in the way she lives. Alice should not lose her home if a reverse mortgage would keep her there.

Susan D. Martin OAKLAND, CA

With more and more seniors--and just people--considering a communal living situation like this to live more simply and save on resources, it makes no sense to not let them access a reverse mortgage! Alice Green and her neighbors are conserving, not wasting. STOP punishing her for doing a good thing!!


Living frugally on $12,000 a year in cohousing is to be admired and supported. The alternatives would be far more costly and require more government funded programs.

Debbie Toth FAIRFIELD, CA 

Because people have a right to age in place and not be discriminated against! Go Alice! I applaud you in your frugal, wonderful community living!!!

Mary Parker LOS ANGELES, CA 

This person seems to be doing what many of us should or dream of doing. it apparently holds peak measurements of appropriateness and sustainability for a human being. It could be seen as a model for living because it is socioeconomically, humanely, spiritually environmentally and defend-ably beneficial. It's the right thing to do in my book.

Madeline Dunham WALNUT CREEK, CA 

I believe that Alice has lived in such a way to help mankind for years. She should be rewarded; not penalized. It is wrong to not let her have reverse mortgage. 

Paul Johnson DAVIS, CA 

She is doing everything right. She should be able to live out her life at her home. And she deserves any help that others have access to.

Barbara Graves BROOKLIN, ME 

Alice lives responsibly and economically. She should not be penalized because she has reduced her living expenses by sharing resources with her neighbors. She should be allowed to stay where she is. No one loses. We should all learn to live so economically.

Nicole Swope LOMA LINDA, CA 

People who share resources like this should be commended and encouraged. They are helping our environment, not hurting it.

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