Now You can be Part of My Campaign

We're ready for you to get involved in my campaign. Here's how!

If you've been following my campaign for the last couple of years, a lot has been about my personal and, with my neighbor Raines, our collective journey of discovery -- about Reverse Mortgages, HUD/FHA approval, condominium development, City of Berkeley regulations, legal mistakes, alternative community funding tools, and so much more.

But now as we start translating the background materials on these pages into particular calls for action, we're not going to be able to do it without you. Your participation is essential for us to both build a movement and show the world that it includes people ready to step up and take action.

We'll be expanding this list, but here's some initial links to ways of taking action:

  • Join our notification list and hear about new blog posts and actions we're pursuing.
  • Read my blog posts and learn more about the history of the campaign
  • Make a pledge to donate or invest in a crowdfunding campaign
  • Share my story with your friends
  • Add your story to the mix.

I look forward to seeing your ideas, support and connections.


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